The magic pill to make you healthy

Do you want it? It’s free. There are no side effects, no rules on when to take it, no limits on the amount to be consumed.

If you’re about to say there is no such thing, I disagree. If you are about to say you have poured thousands of dollars on said magic pills and nothing changed in the long run, I hear you. So I’ll tell you right off the bat what it is.

Consistency and patience.

Like I said… there are no side effects, no rules on when you need to consume it, and you can consume a LOT of it. Truth be told the more consistency and patience you have the better your results will be.

Friends… health is a journey, health is process. Your health will change according to what your life looks like, your body will change, even our taste buds change! So this little magic pill really does work, but it can sometimes be a tough pill to swallow.

Let’s break this down.

Small daily progress is the key to long term lasting results.

There is no way to overrate consistency. We like to blame the piled up emails on the vacation, the extra pounds on the holidays, the lack of time on our newest deadline… but the truth is that those are not the things that make or break us… it’s what we do EVERY DAY that determines our outcomes.⁠ Think about it… if you eat to properly fuel you brain and your body every day… the holidays and the occasional treat are not going to move the scale or make you sick in the long run. Conversely, if you only eat junk food, sugar and alcohol, and every six months or so you decide to be healthy and eat properly for a week… this will also not move the scale or make you healthy in the long run.

While it feels like you should have six packs after a ten min core workout, that’s just not how it works. While it feels like your skin should clear up after drinking enough water for a day, that’s just not how it works. While it feels like your energy should be balanced after eating proper nutrition for a couple of days… you guessed it. That’s just not how it works.

Consistency is defined as “conformity in the application of something”. Consistency means that you follow through with the steps that will lead you to your goal. Consistency means that you do what will lead you to the outcome you desire regardless of your motivation.

Because, as a good friend of mine says… motivation is crap.

Motivation is crap.

Danielle Doan

What are some health goals you have? More water? More exercise? Better nutrition? Gain some weight? Lose some weight? Build muscle? Get rid of some health problems? Stop emotional eating? I could go on… Can you think of 2 health goals that you would like to see reached in your life?

Let’s move on to patience, shall we?

Patience is not passive, on the contrary, it is concentrated strength.

Bruce Lee

There is a reason why we say all the time… “patience is a virtue”. Yeah, ’cause it’s HARD.

And with our health… it seems harder. Our bodies love us so much they literally work every single minute of the day to keep us alive. Have you ever thought of that? This body that you criticize in the mirror, that you talk about nastily, that you feed irresponsibly… this body of yours works 1440 minutes – 24 hours a DAY to keep you alive, to make you function, to give you life.

I know. It’s pretty cool. But our investment in our bodies does not yield immediate consequences, and whenever there are delayed consequences there is a sense in which we think that there is no consequence, and so we do not account for the consequences during our actions.

Did I lose you? Let’s simplify it.

If every time you told a lie your nose grew – you wouldn’t lie. If every time you had a nasty thought about someone they heard it out loud in your voice – you’d watch your thoughts. If every time you ate a salad your weight visibly moved closer to your goal – you’d eat better. If every time you did a crunch or a bicep curl your body actually looked different – you’d workout more.

Do you know what I’m about to say? Yeah… you guessed it. It just doesn’t happen that way.

So we have all these good intentions but after making the best choices for a couple days we don’t see the massive results we envision for our future, so our minds (treacherous friends, our minds) simply tell us to give up, because it’s not working.

That is where your consistency and your patience will come in. Your consistency will have created habits that ignore that ridiculous little voice, and your PATIENCE will understand that there are no shortcuts to health. It will happen, but you need to give it time.

The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.

Leo Tolstoy

One thing you can do today to move the needle on your health is to sit down and write (paper, journal, note app on your phone) 2 health goals you have. Maybe you want to decrease sugar or alcohol consumption, maybe you want to lose some weight, maybe you want to gain muscle mass, maybe you want to tone your body, maybe you want to eat less processed food… there are so many health goals to chose from.

Write them down, write the date, and take a picture of yourself. Maybe you hate pictures of yourself, I get that. I used to hate my pictures too. But your physical appearance will always reflect your health. Always. I’m not talking dress size, although that may change, but your hair, your skin, even your posture changes when you are in better health. Take the picture. Hide if you need to, but take the picture.

Pick 1 or 2 goals
Write them down
Write down how you feel right now in relation to these goals
Write down the date
And take a picture of yourself (yes, seriously)

Now begin making your decisions through that filter.
Does this support the goal I want to reach? If your answer is yes, go for it.
If you answer is no, have the strength of character to give yourself permission to say no, to give up what you want now because of what you want most.

Every day, on purpose, do what you want to do one day by reflex.

Set a reminder for yourself (calendar, app, alarm) for one month’s time. If that seems too far, set a reminder for a week’s time. Take another picture, write down how you feel in relation to these goals and what wins you had in this time. Look at those pictures. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Be consistent, be patient, and show up for yourself. Your body loves you, figure out what you want and love your body through the process of getting there.


Keeping it simple,

PS. In my resource page you will find a Time Blocking guidebook that will tell you ALL about creating space in your day to do what you value most, and you can add in time for workouts, meal times, meditation, anything that aligns with your goals.

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