This time with you I’ve just felt that my mindset has changed, I’ve been thinking about why I eat.

I’m feeling a lot better, and feeling more confident in what I’m doing and it’s motivating me to keep going.”

– Sylvia B, Private Coaching Client

I am almost at my goal weight* and I am so grateful to have you by my side on this journey. I have always made my way in health on my own, but at this point in life, I needed help. And I couldn’t have made a better choice.

You are being my coach, my encourager, my teacher, and my support every week. Your considerations in our meetings are full of knowledge and make sense for my eating routine. The changes you have proposed make a difference not only in my weight but in my satiety and my joy in eating.

– Simone S, Private Coaching Client
*Simone has since reached her dream weight and has been in maintenance.

Aline is really focused on you finding the right way for you to reach your health goals. She’s so supportive and on your side. She’s completely focused on helping you making changes for life in small steps to get you to your goal.

– June M, Group Coaching Client

Aline has such a refreshing approach to health and weight loss. I love how she focuses on a bunch of individual degrees of changes. Small, accessible changes that result in big improvements. She makes the health journey truly doable by anyone.

– Jennifer G, Group Coaching Client

Aline gives you the permission to let go of the idea that you have to go ‘all in’ when you want to make changes to your health. She is great at helping you understand small and simple changes create a bigger impact.

– Melissa D, Group Coaching Client

Aline understands the pitfalls that we fall into with our diets, she has a clear, pragmatic program that will help you change your life.

– Tim S, Group Coaching Client

Aline’s programs and approach to meeting your health goals is both practical and OBTAINABLE! She teaches that small incremental changes will give more impact than trying to completely change your habits all at once. This is a TRUE lifestyle change.

– Jen H, Group Coaching Client