Q-Quitting {ABCs of Health}

ABCs of health and we have come to letter Q!!!!! Today I want to talk to you about a big word, a packed word, a word that can be so hard… quitting.

Listen, I’ll tell you upfront that one of the biggest reasons why people quit is lack of patience… health and fitness are a long game, changing our body takes time. Changing our health takes time. In a culture of immediate results… we quit because we want to undo years of poor habits in a month, and the truth is that if we just push forward a little more, just trust the process and go on a little longer… we would see the results we want to see.

But at the same time, one of the biggest reasons why people quit is because they are mislead… a so called influencer or expert on social media tells you you need to eat 1200 calories a day to reach your goals and when you get hungry, frustrated and feel like crap (because you will!), you quit.

Today I want to be a voice of encouragement and hope to you. I want to tell you something important:

The only way to lose in your health journey is if you quit. Recognize that it will not be a quick fix, recognize that you are in this for life, recognize that the things you need the MOST of are consistency and patience. Please… don’t quit.

Start small, take one step, change or improve one thing. When that gets easy, or easier, when it becomes part of who you are, change or improve another thing… and consistently repeat this cycle. Patience. Consistency. Patience. Consistency. Patience. Consistency.

Our bodies are designed to be healthy, so if you make the right choices over and over and over again your body will do what it was meant to do.

Be patient. So the number on the scale went up and you want it to go down. So what? That is NORMAL and that will happen for the rest of your life, throughout the day and throughout the years. Are you in a healthy range? Then you don’t quit, you keep going. Are you trending towards weight loss or maintenance in the course of a month – because day to day and in the week are not good indicators? Then you’re trending well for your goal. Don’t quit.

Be patient. So you want big muscles and it’s taking a long time? So what? That is NORMAL. Muscle is not built in a month of work, it takes TIME, patience and consistency. Are you consistently lifting heavier weights? Is your weight training endurance improving? If yes, you are getting stronger, and as long as you eat and train properly… those muscles WILL show up. Don’t quit.

Be patient. So you went out and ate a huge meal and it was delicious. So what? That’s awesome! Or maybe you ate a donut. So what? Nobody ever got fat from one donut. Enjoy it. Maybe you went on vacation and splurged. So what? Was your vacation amazing? That’s fantastic. Be patient. One indulgence does not derail you. Just jump back into your good habits, jump back into proper nutrition, go back to your calories for your goal and be patient. Don’t quit.

Patience and consistency. That is what you need more than anything else.

As long as you are falling forward, as long as you are making the best choices you can, with the information you have, in the moment you are, you CANNOT fail.

Don’t quit. Imagine the person you want to be. Show up every day for that person, show up every day for the parent, the friend, the human, the body, the mind you want to be… show up every day for the person you want to become… you will become her.

Quitting will get you nowhere. Take small steps, be incredible in the small things. They add up.

Consistency and patience.

Keeping it simple,