Nutrition made Simple

Nutrition Made Simple

Showing you the foundations of balanced eating so you can be healthier and manage your weight.

Learn how to make peace with food eat for your goals

There are a lot of misconceptions about nutrition, and probably worse than that, a lot of fear surrounding food… from what you should eat, to what’s killing you, to what’s the magical unicorn of food.

This guide takes you through the basics of food, and teaches you how to eat to reach your goals.

Nutrition Made Simple will take you from battling with food to eating with joy

I’ve been where you are… overwhelmed with all the rules, unsure of what to do, tired of battling food. This guide is all about taking back control over your choices, and enjoying food.

You will find
. The basics of each macronutrient and what to do with them
. 3 ways to structure how you eat – from super flexible to super
  structured – so that food is not the boss of you
. The blueprint to monitor and track your results
. The truth about sugar and sweeteners

This guide is PERFECT for anyone who:
. Wants a better understanding of food and how it works in our bodies
. Feels stuck in their weight loss journey
. Is looking for a no-nonsense eating approach

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