Private Coaching

It’s no longer enough to say “eat less, move more”, or “take this supplement or shake”, or “just love yourself!” My private coaching offers show you how to go from feeling overwhelmed with food to eating what you love – no guilt allowed!

Has this ever been you...

. I don’t know why I bother… I should just accept that this is what my body looks like now.

. I’m tired of my clothes choosing me, instead of choosing my clothes.

. If I eat one thing out of my plan I gain weight and can never get it off.

. I’ve tried every diet out there and I keep gaining weight again

. I can’t eat the same as my family because it doesn’t fit in my diet

Private coaching offers Aline’s undivided attention as you learn and apply the Food Freedom Framework for weight management.

Private coaching is for you if...

  • You are seeking structure, guidance and accountability to break things down into small steps catered to your goals.
  • You want to learn what your body actually needs, and learn to listen to your body.
  • You’re ready to enjoy all kinds of food without feeling like you “cheated” or “were bad”.
  • You want to feel better in your skin, love the person you see in the mirror, and feel confident in who you are.

Private coaching NOT is for you if...

  • You want to continue figuring this out on your own.
  • You want a diet plan that tells you what, when, and how you should eat.
  • You are not willing to become a learner, you don’t want to challenge what you believe is true.
  • You want a quick fix, black and white solution.
  • You have an eating disorder or condition that requires medical treatment.

I have always made my way in health on my own, but at this point in life, I needed help. And I couldn’t have made a better choice.

You were my coach, my encourager, my teacher, and my support every week. Your considerations in our meetings were full of knowledge and made sense for my eating routine. The changes you proposed made a difference not only in my weight but in my satiety and my joy in eating.

– Simone S, Private Coaching Client

What are my options?

Guardrails Weekly

1:1 Coaching
This is my most customizable program. 

. Weekly check-ins (virtual)
. Customized tracking for your goals
. Weekly assessment of progress
. Weekly adjustments (when needed)
. Group Coaching Membership
. Minimum 3 month commitment


Guardrails Monthly

1:1 Coaching
This is my most popular program. 

. Monthly check-ins (virtual)
. Customized tracking for your goals
. Monthly assessment of progress
. Bi-weekly (text) adjustments (when needed)
. Minimum 3 month commitment


Group Coaching

Group Coaching
This is my group coaching program. This program is called The Core.

. Monthly Nutrition and Fitness Live videos
. Monthly Workout Program
. No minimum commitment

How we work together

The Guardrails 1:1 Coaching programs are broken down into 3 phases:

Step 1: Lifestyle

. Set goals
. Look at current habits
. Reframe mindsets
. Reconnect with body cues

Step 2: Nutrition

. Learn how much your body needs for your goals
. Learn to eat to support your goals
. Redefine how you think about food
. Find freedom to eat

Step 3: Forward

The road to maintenance. The habits, environments and mindsets that will maintain the goals you reached.

How it works:

  • Apply for coaching and we’ll meet for a discovery call
  • Personal support: we’ll walk through my Guardrails Framework together
  • Food freedom: you will learn lifetime freedom

When working with me you also get:

  • Coaching check-in calls via zoom
  • Educational library to answer all your questions through short videos
  • Text/message feedback (up to 24h response)

I want to tell you that I am very happy and excited for your guidance in the process of reaching my happy weight. 😊

I’ve tried to lose weight many times but unsuccessfully.
During our first conversation, you said a wonderful phrase that gave me all motivation that I needed. You said: “You can reach your happy weight eating what you like”. Horray!!

These words have motivated me immensely to want to eat better, and I see the results. Thank you very much!“

– Vanessa T, Private Coaching Client


Losing weight. This is a conversation that comes up again and again. It’s not easy, and not because we don’t know what to do, or don’t have support. Many times I said “I won’t eat this or that”, but I felt I wasn’t strong enough. I needed someone to “hold my hand”. Aline helped to understand that it all starts with a change in my mind, and then a change in my habits.

I got to my goal weight eating lots, and especially, eating better. I learned to like different foods, substitute, choose what I was going to eat and feel pleasure in this.

I now eat everything, with balance. I keep learning, but I try to respect my body, and what I need… even my skin seems younger, I have more energy, I sleep better and I wake up better… I’m happy!

Yes, all of this has to do with weight loss, but more than that, it has to do with reaching a goal, winning a battle that was difficult for me.

Aline made me think about what I really wanted.

– Nelle L, Private Coaching Client


Do I have to work with you for 3 months?

Yes. Improving your relationship with food takes time. Learning to manage your weight takes time. Results take time. I need a minimum of 3 months to help you succeed.

What if I still need help after 3 months?

Before you sign up for the Guardrails 1:1 Coaching Program we assess the estimated time for you to reach your goals. After this time you may continue in the program for as long as it takes to reach new goals, solidify your habits, or feel confident in doing this on your own.

Do you give me a meal plan?

No. This program is not about giving you a list of foods to eat, and certainly not about telling you when to eat. This program is about teaching you how to find freedom with food, understand what your body needs, and reach your goals.

What is your guarantee?

I provide you with the tools to succeed in reaching your goals. Those who apply my methodology and are consistent find success.

How do we meet?

Our coaching sessions will take place via zoom call. Upon registration you will receive the link to my personal zoom room and the password to access all our meetings.

Do you take insurance?

I do not currently take insurance as I am not a registered dietician. I’m happy provide you with an invoice for you to submit to your insurance provider, however benefits will vary.