5 Tips to Grocery Shopping for Fat loss

Do you feel overwhelmed or unsure about what to buy at the grocery store?

You are not alone! Between the sheer volume of foods offered and the rules we’re apparently supposed to follow (keto, low fat, non processed, non dairy, gluten free, fewer ingredients, whole ingredients, no grains, yes grains, no dairy, organic, etc etc etc), which are mostly unnecessary, by the way it can be dauting to shop.

Most people, including my clients, have wondered what they’re supposed to get at the grocery store. Shopping should be, at worse, a neutral experience, and at best, something that brings you joy.

Let’s check out 5 ways you can shop for fat loss.

1. Fruits and veggies
Fruit and vegetables are filling, incredibly nutritious, low in calories and versatile. From eating plain like apples or strawberries, to making a salad like greens and veggies, to cooking and baking, these are power houses not only of your fat loss, but of your general health.

You DO NOT need to buy organic or non-GMO. You can if you prefer to do so, but the idea that they are healthier or more nutritious is a myth.

2. Take advantage of the frozen section
But I’m not talking about ice-cream, pizza or fries. I mean frozen fruits and vegetables. These items are harvested at their peak and frozen and they retain optimum nutritional value, with all the same benefits of their fresh counterparts.

Use them for soups, baking, smoothies, yogurt, or even just eat them frozen!

This is a great option for small households or people who travel a lot. Frozen food lasts a loooong time, and is super versatile.

3. Eat enough (of the best) protein
Protein is absolutely essential and important in your fat loss journey. Go to this post for even more information, but the jist of it is that protein supports almost every process in your body, supports muscle maintenance and growth, as well as keeping you feeling fuller longer.

Limit your deli meats, and work on using lean proteins such as chicken, salmon, lean beef or turkey. You can batch prepare these and use for snacks, stir frys, sandwiches, salads, soups, etc.

4. Don’t drink your calories
When shopping for drinks, prioritize water (click here for more info on staying hydrated), but you don’t have to give up other drinks.

Things to keep in mind:
. swapping to zero calorie drinks effortlessly removes anywhere from 200 to upwards of a 1000 calories from your day, depending on how much you drink
. limiting alcohol intake will decrease calorie consumption (as well as reduce cancer risk)
. when you’re in a fat loss phase, this means you’ll have those calories to EAT, instead of just drinking. And let’s be honest… eating is more filling than drinking 🙂

5. Prioritize whole grains
Last tip is to prioritize whole grains. Refined grains aren’t inherently bad for you (ever heard “don’t eat anything white”? *insert eye roll*), however, whole grains are higher in fiber, which has several benefits including:
. keeping you fuller longer
. helping your GI tract stay regular
. reduce cancer risk

All good things, right?

Allright, keeping these things in mind will definitely support your journey in weight management, especially fat loss and weight maintenance.

As always, ask any questions you have!