FOOD FREEDOM: Master What Matters

What's the key to taking control of your weight and health? Is it macros, detox, insulin, keto, calories, meal timing, supplements, shakes, workouts, protein, nutrient order????

It's not surprising that it feels so hard to manage your health!

This workshop teaches you to MASTER WHAT MATTERS most to your health. 4 keys you can use to to have the health you want to have, and be FREE.

Join me!

Location: Breslau Community Center (Breslau, ON)

In person workshop

July 16, 2022
10:00am Eastern Time


  • In person teaching by Aline Kaehler
  • Door prizes ranging from $25 to $600!!!
  • Workshop booklet so you can make notes as you listen

Taught by Aline Kaehler

Nutrition and Mindset coach specialized in FOOD FREEDOM. Aline is the coach that believes you should eat.

This workshop is designed to help you go from anxiety and stress around food, from the endless yo-yo dieting into the freedom to simply eat in a way that will support your goals. In other words, to eat the cookie or the salad with equal confidence.

I'm in!!!

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