Ditch the resolutions

Let’s make this short and to the point: over 90% of resolutions are broken by February.

Why do we make resolutions? And more importantly, why do we wait till Jan 01 to do so?

Resolutions are the firm decision to do or not to do something. That’s it. Resolutions are rarely clear, they are rarely specific, they rarely have an objective action plan.

I would propose to you that you ditch the resolutions. Setting yourself up for failure, or worse, setting a goal that is so broad and far reaching that you have a million loop holes to get out of it is a disservice. Instead I suggest that you set REAL goals.

I have a new free resource out for you, and you can sign up for it right here.

This is what you’ll learn:

1. How to find the REAL goal… the essence, the bull’s eye of your target.
2. How to find a measurement of progress to not only see when you reach the goal, but how far you are progressing towards it.
3. Define action steps that will actually move the needle every day.
4. The mindset to take all your goals off the paper and into reality.

Goals need to be 3 things:

Things like “be happier”, “make more money” and “lose weight” are not goals, they are ideas. Good goals find the essence of the idea, according to YOUR life and what you want… and turn that into a specific.

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. To reach a goal there has to be a clear before and after, and most of the time clear steps in between. Measured progress shows us what works, what doesn’t, and keeps us hungry for that final step of finally reaching the goal.

If your goal doesn’t tell you WHAT to do… it’s not a great goal. If you have a specific and measurable goal it will automatically give you action steps. This action done consistently will lead you to the end you desire.

Keep it simple, friend. Don’t set too many goals, don’t make them complicated. Trust that you can do RIGHT NOW, by intention, what you want to do someday by habit.

Download my simple guide and go crush these goals!

Keeping it simple,