ABCs of Health

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W – Working out {ABCs of Health}

This is the transcript of my interview with Shannon Poulson.Website: more small ways in which you can upgrade your health, see this post: U-Upgrade AlineAll right everyone! Welcome to the ABC’s of Health. Today is letter W and it is so much fun to do! Today I have the privilege of interviewing Shannon …

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T – Thoughts {ABCs of Health}

*This is a transcript of my interview with Ali, from mindwave meditation. Here are the links we mention:Mindwave meditation websiteMini course: Dare to discoverInstagram: mindwave_meditationYoutube channel Self-talk videos: Part 1 and Part 2 AlineAll right! So, hi everyone! Welcome. This is the ABC’s of health we’re on letter T and I’m super excited today because …

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