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N-NEAT {ABCs of Health}

ABCs of health letter N for NEAT. But not NEAT as in “oh that’s cool”, NEAT as in non-exercise activity thermogenesis. Now this is just big way of saying a very simple concept. This is the energy your body uses outside of structured exercise. There’s a lot of talk about exercising, how we need to

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M-Maintenance Weight {ABCs of Health}

Letter M in the ABCs of health! Let’s talk about maintenance weight. Now back in the letter F we talked about fat loss and how fat loss isn’t really the goal, fat loss is not the objective. Fat loss should not be what it is that you are trying to achieve because that is not

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L – Loving Yourself {ABCs of Health}

This is the transcript of my interview with Danielle Doan. See the video at the end of the post. AlineAllright everyone, welcome to the ABCs of Health. Today we are on letter L, and this isn’t exactly a word. We’re doing a bit of a sentence, Loving Yourself Through It. I love this letter because

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K – Kale {ABCs of Health}

Welcome back to the ABCs of health, K is for kale, but it’s actually the concept, not actual kale itself. Kale has recently become the thing to eat for whatever health thing you want to solve. There’s always a promised magic fix… kale, keto, collagen, more fat, less fat, clean, organic, eggs, no eggs, fruit,

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J-Journey {ABCs of Health}

Alright we’re back with the ABC’s of health today is J for journey. I love this one! There are many things that I could have put on the letter J, but I had to go with journey because I just want to remind you, and we’ve talked about this a few times, that your health

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I-Investment {ABCs of Health}

Alright we’re back with another ABCs of health and we’re talking about investments, and not the financial kind, we’re talking about investment in our health. The reason why I wanted to talk about investment for letter I is because especially as women, and then when motherhood comes around and you start pouring so much of

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