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Z – Zeal {ABCs of Health}

We have reached the last letter in the alphabet! The letter Z in the ABC’s of health is for Zeal. I chose Zeal because while it isn’t a word that’s used a lot anymore, it was very common in the 1800s, but it’s a good one for Z. It means the eagerness or ardent interest

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Y – You {ABCs of Health}

We are on the letter Y! I can hardly believe that we are already at the end of the alphabet! This is the ABC’s of health, let’s get into it letter Y, for YOU – your health, your body. The reason why I put this one in here is because we’ve talked about this before,

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X – “xtreme” extreme Diets {ABCs of Health}

Alright friends so let’s talk about extreme diets. This is the letter X in the ABC’s of health. I’m sure that if you’ve ever tried to diet, if you’ve ever tried to either lose weight or gain weight, you have been exposed to a magic a miracle. Something that supposedly will solve whatever issue you

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W – Working out {ABCs of Health}

This is the transcript of my interview with Shannon Poulson.Website: more small ways in which you can upgrade your health, see this post: U-Upgrade AlineAll right everyone! Welcome to the ABC’s of Health. Today is letter W and it is so much fun to do! Today I have the privilege of interviewing Shannon

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V – Vision {ABCs of Health}

Letter V in the ABCs of health is for VISION! I feel like most people fall on one side of the spectrum for this kind of conversation, either you think this is all nonsense, or you’re a full believer. I have found very few people in the middle ground. Regardless of where you stand, I

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U – Upgrade {ABCs of Health}

We are back with the ABCs of health and today is all about Upgrade. We intrinsically know what that means… when you think of upgrades you think of software, your phone, maybe a car, a home, income… the image is clear. When it comes to health, it’s the exact same idea. No matter where you

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