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Starvation Mode

What it is and what to do about it This is a tricky subject because so many people are extremely attached to the idea that this is where their problem lies. I will start by asking you to keep and open mind, to be open to understanding the science behind what is happening to your

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How to stick to your weight loss resolution

It’s that time of year again! January is here and with it come the decisions to finally take care of yourself. I think that’s awesome. Lots of people put down resolutions, saying you shouldn’t do them, saying you should have a word or why instead, saying that you’re gonna give up anyway so you might

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Reasons you gain weight that have nothing to do with fat

Your diet is on point.Your workouts are great.You’re legitimately doing everything you should… and your weight stalls, or worse, it goes UP! WTF?????? Ok, you’ve been there, I’ve been there, and 9 times out of 10 when this happens people think that the diet doesn’t work, or their metabolism is broken, or they need a

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Should I eat back calories from exercise?

Episode aired Aug 22, 2022 on The Core Podcast So you work out and the machine or google search says you burned about 300 calories. Are you supposed to add those calories to your daily consumption? Let’s talk!! It’s a classic. You have a good workout, sweat a lot, and you feel like you can

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5 Tips to Grocery Shopping for Fat loss

Do you feel overwhelmed or unsure about what to buy at the grocery store? You are not alone! Between the sheer volume of foods offered and the rules we’re apparently supposed to follow (keto, low fat, non processed, non dairy, gluten free, fewer ingredients, whole ingredients, no grains, yes grains, no dairy, organic, etc etc

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Intuitive Eating

Intuitive eating is all the rage right now, with so many coaches promoting that you can be free of diets, you never have to diet again, you don’t have to change anything… all you have to do is eat intuitively. While that sounds AMAZING… as with most things… there’s a good side and a dangerous

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