8 things to love about you

So today I want to challenge you to make a list. We’ve talked about self love, self talk, we’ve talked about how important it is to start with the person in the mirror.

Today I want you to think about 8 things you love about yourself. It doesn’t have to, and frankly it shouldn’t be all physical. These are emotional, character, physical, relational things that you love about yourself. We are often so hard on ourselves, and it is always important to take a step back and acknowledge how awesome we really are. 8 is a VERY short list. Hopefully you can go on and on. Maybe make a list according to your age, maybe make a list of 50 or 100 things. The number is less important than the exercise.

Take a moment to simply list 8 things. Not your 8 favourite things. Not the 8 most important. Don’t overthink it. Simply list 8 things that are lovely about you.

I’ll show you my list, and I would LOVE to see yours. I would absolutely love to get a DM or email from you telling me 8 things you love about yourself.

1. I am a good wife + mom. I love my family above all else and they know that I am there for them, no matter what.

2. My eyes.

3. I am a good entrepreneur. I love being my own boss, and I love the businesses I have created.

4. I am a good friend.

5. I make quick decisions – and I rarely regret them.

6. I believe I can learn anything.

7. I am smart with money. Some lessons have been hard leaned, but they have been learned.

8. I am generous – with my explanations, with my time and with my resources.

How was that? Could you go on? The beauty of this exercise is that once we start looking for the good we find more good. So keep looking.

Yes, strive to improve, to learn, to be better, to be healthier, to reach all your goals… but please, please, please do not forget to appreciate who you are right now. As Ali would say (go listen because this is a powerful video), Thank you and I love you.

Keeping it simple,