5 foods you need to stop eating NOW

I’ve seen so many of these lists going around, I thought I would give you my own. Really, there are things that you should NOT eat… and if you are, maybe it’s time to rethink these things. Let’s go:

1. Foods you are allergic to
Yeah… just don’t. If you’re intolerant or allergic to something, don’t make yourself eat it. Why would you???

2. Foods you strongly dislike
There is SO MUCH food out there, I don’t believe anyone should force themselves to eat foods they hate. Sure, we need to try things a few times to get used to them, sure we can learn to enjoy certain things, but this process does not need to include foods we hate. There is enough food out there to not be miserable while eating.

3. Spoiled, rotten food, aka food that has gone bad
Self explanatory…

4. Peer pressure foods
But everyone is ordering it… but everyone is drinking it… but everyone is…

Listen, you are not everyone. You eat according to your goals, according to what you want to eat, like to eat, when you prefer to eat. You are responsible for your own health, and that includes what you eat.

5. Foods that make you feel sick
If something does not sit well with you, you don’t have to eat this. This doesn’t mean you are intolerant or have an allergy, sometimes there are just things that don’t make us feel good, and it’s absolutely fine to not eat that stuff! Again, you don’t have to anything.

Cookies with raisins. It should always be chocolate chips! 😉

My favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe is from Nestle, here’s the link. I’ve done it with sugar substitutes and it works equally well.

What do you need to keep away from your diet?
Keeping it simple,