Aline Kaehler presents

10 day challenge

email series

In this 10 day email series you’ll find:

Freedom Circle


that support your goals

Freedom Circle


to eat how and what you love

Freedom Circle


that break it down and make it manageable

do you want to stop yoyo dieting, stop having clothes choose you instead of choosing your clothes, and get past your MAJOR hang-ups and be FREE?

. what if you could enjoy food?
. what if you could discover the habits that will make a difference instead of spinning your wheels – again?
. what if it’s simple?

These questions make sense!

and it’s time you get the answers.

your learning journey

In each email you will receive:

10minute video with Aline teaching you about the topic of the day. No more second guessing!

A simple action you take progressively to change your life.